Types of wines and features. Red wine

The wines, Wine rated Cangas Quality, present the organoleptic characteristics of traditional wines of the area, in terms of color, aroma and flavor, looking clean, bright and right balance alcohol / acidity. The types of wines protected by 'Protected Designation of Origin Cangas" are the following:



Varieties: Carrasquín, black Verdejo, black Albarín and Mencía.


Minimum natural volumetric Alcohol: 10% Vol For reds of "Crianza", "Reserva" and "Gran Reserva" acquired volumetric alcohol content is low: 11% Vol.

Total acidity (expressed as g / l tartaric acid) will be between 4 g / l and 8.5 g / l. Volatile acidity (expressed in g / l acetic acid) is not greater than 0.8 g / l.

For reds of "Crianza", "Reserva" and "Gran Reserva" volatile acidity (expressed as g / l acetic acid): Maximum 1 g / l to 11% vol and 0.06 g / l per alcoholic strength exceeding 11% vol Total Sulphur dioxide (expressed in mg. / l): Maximum of 120 mg. / l. Reducing sugars: Maximum of 5 g / l.


Young reds: Appearance: purplish red to cherry red. Transparency: Clear and bright. Nose: intense flavours with floral series, fruit, minerals and sometimes balsamic and / or spices. Palate: fresh, tasty and balanced acidity.

Red of "Crianza", "Reserva" and "Gran Reserva" Appearance: reddish colored in accordance with the period of aging in oak barrels supported by wine, bright and clean, without particles. Nose: aromas clear, pleasant and intense and without odors. Taste: tasty, balanced with good structure.


White and red wines must submit the organoleptic characteristic of traditional wines of the area, taking into account natural and positive evolution of the same, especially in terms of color, clarity, aroma and flavor. Those who do not meet these characteristics may not be covered by the term "Protected Designation of Origin Cangas".